Monday, 5 September 2016

PowerShell Script: Update AD attributes using CSV

Hi All, in this post I am going to share information on how can you update an attribute(s) in AD for multiple objects. In this post, I am using a CSV file that contains users’ First Name, Last Name, their login name and Employee ID. I wanted to update Employee ID for all the users listed in CSV file.

To achieve this, I have complied a PowerShell script that uses CSV file and update AD attributes for multiple users.

CSV file: I saved CSV file in C:\ADTest.CSV.

I ran following PowerShell script as admin. This script import CSV data, updates EmployeeID data for each login name (sAMAccountName) listed in CSV file.

#Import Active Directory module

Import-Module ActiveDirectory

#Import CSV file

$Obj=Import-Csv "C:\ADTest.csv"

foreach($Usr in $Obj)
Get-ADUser -Filter "sAMAccountName -eq '$($u.sAMAccountName)'" -properties * | set-aduser -replace @{employeeID="$($u.employeeID)"} -PassThru

I hope you find this useful.

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