Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Windows 10 phone: This device has been locked for security reasons. Connect your device to a power source for at least two hours, then restart it to try again.

Hi All, this is my very first post on Windows 10 phone. I have a Windows 10 phone. Today, I saw following error message on phone. It didn’t allow me to unlock my phone using 4 digit pin I had set. The “Emergency calls” was the only option available to me.

Error: This device has been locked for security reasons. Connect your device to a power source for at least two hours, then restart it to try again.

I tried performing soft reboot but it didn’t fix. After doing a bit of research, I found a solution. Make sure that your phone is connected to Internet during this process. To fix this issue, follow these steps:
  • Launch https://account.microsoft.com/devices on a web browser on another PC/Tablet or a smart phone
  • Login using your Microsoft account (it is the same account you’ve used to configure your phone).
  • Once you’ve logged in, Select your phone.
  • On the next page, click on Lock button.
  • A box will appear asking to enter 6 digit pin, a number where you can be reached (optional) and a message to show on the screen.
  • Type the 6 digit pin and something in message box like “Phone is locked”. Click on OK button.
  • Restart your phone.
  • Use the 6 digit pin to unlock your phone when it is prompted. You will find that error message disappeared and you can access your phone now.
I hope you find this useful.

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