Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Changing password while using Remote Desktop Connection

Hi All, I know it’s been a long a time since I have written an article. Today I came across a question where user wanted to change his/her password while they are connected to a Server remotely via Microsoft Remote Desktop Connection.

Generally, you press CTRL+ALT+Del , you get  the following choices that includes Change a password… option.

This works perfectly fine if you are logged in locally and wants to change password. But if you are logged on to PC remotely using Remote Desktop  connection and press CTRL+ALT+DEL from keyboard, it will apply command to your local PC instead of remote PC.

There are two ways to change password using Remote Desktop connections.
  •     Press CTRL+ALT+ END from your keyboard while you are logged in to Remote PC. You should get following options:
  •     Alternatively, press Win +R key in your Remote desktop connection. Type OSK to launch OnScreen Keyboard. Press CTL+ALT from your keyboard and use mouse pointer to click on DEL button on OnScreen Keyboard. This will bring up the same options shown in above image.
I hope you may find this post very useful.

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  1. greetings friend. i have big problem i change pword on laptop while working remotely in da nang. now i cannot connect vpn and i cannot login to laptop. i try reboot but tna. i am locked out of machine.

    will i need to rebuild my machine, will this resolve my password issues with virtual private network connectivity issue problem.

    great blog, your knowledge empowers me to keep selling donkey meat and work in IT full time.

  2. Hi Jimmy,

    I am really sorry for late reply. Your comment was marked as spam by some reason hence it was not visible directly.

    From the information you’ve provided, I would suggest taking your laptop to your office and connecting it directly to your network. When you changed your password while connecting via VPN, your password has been changed to your company’s domain server but not synced with your laptop.

    If you rebuild your PC, you would be able to log in to PC locally. For VPN connection, you will need to use the most recent password.

    I hope you find this useful.

    TechieTalks Team