Monday, 5 October 2015

Reverting back to Android Kitkat OS from Android Lollipop OS

Today, I am publishing my very first blog on Android OS. I have been asked to provide a solution to revert Android OS from Lollipop version to Kitkat. I am using Lenovo A6000 smart phone to explain the process. Steps may vary for other make and model of your smart phone.

Let’s begin by going through check list before we actually start downgrade process.
  • Take a backup of your personal data like pictures, videos, etc…
  • Make sure that phone’s battery is charged enough. I suggest 50 % charged battery.
  • You will need to install TWRP Recovery. Team Win Recovery Project (TWRP) helps to flash customer ROMs or stock ROMs. It helps user to revert back to Android KitKat OS.
  • Download Official Stock ROM Lenovo A6000 – Kitkat
  • Free space on your SD card of the phone
After you have completed check list, let’s start the process:
  • First of all, copy stock ROM on your SD card
  • Boot your phone in to recovery mode
  • Make a full system wipe of cache, data, etc using Format button.
  • Go to main screen and select Install. In next screen, go one level up and choose SD card.
  • Select the Stock ROM zip file and perform Swipe Install
  • When you see a completion message, perform Reboot to System
I hope this information will be very useful to you to downgrade Android OS on your phone. If you need any further information or wants to know from where you can get a copy of TWRP or Stock ROMs, please drop us a comment with your email address.


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