Monday, 26 October 2015

Fixed: HTC One M8 USB driver doesn’t recognized by Windows 10

Hi friends, recently I upgraded my Windows 7 OS to Windows 10 on my laptop. Everything was working fine until I plugged my HTC One M8 (Android) phone to laptop using USB cable. A message box appeared stating that it could not detect the USB device. I never had any problem when I was using Windows 7. I used to plug my phone to PC using USB cable and access phone storage as USB drive.

I typed my query in google and most of the articles suggested that I should installed HTC Sync Manager and then connect my phone. Well, I installed the required application but it did not resolve the issue. Hence, I removed it.

This is my 3rd HTC phone and I started to find out how I can enable USB debugging mode on my phone. This option is hidden by default. To enable this option, follow these steps: 
  1. Go to Settings \ About
  2. Select Software Information
  3. Click on More option
  4. Now, tap on Build number option six times in a row. A message will be shown saying “You are now a developer!
  5. Go back to Settings. You will find Developer options just above About.
  6. Select Developer options.
  7. Tick the box for USB debugging mode option and return to main screen. 
Once you’ve made above change, plug your phone using USB cable. Windows 10 will recognizes USB drivers this time and you will be able to access phone storage as USB drive. In this method, you don’t need to install any additional applications.

If you are using a different make & model phone and would like to find out how to find out developers option, please leave a comment or contact us Contact Us page.


  1. I'm using a Nokia N95 and Windows doesn't recognise. I have many important videos to retrieve from my phone for legal reasons. How can I please access the developer mode on my n95.

    Also I can't connect to my internet at home? It keeps saying I'm not connected to a network. I can normally see a button to connect to the Internet but this has dissapeared.

    I have an 8 port poe switch with 3 vlans. One has wifi but all the ports on the switch are being used. I have router. I use google dns. I'm using and i can ping from my Linux box

    1. Hi Jay,

      I don't have any Nokia N95 at the moment to test. Just to confirm, you are using Win 10.

      Also, you are unable to connect your N95 phone to home network, correct?

      Please provide these information, it will help us to replicate your issue and find a fix for you.

      TechieTalks Team

    2. Hi friend. No my n95 I need to transfer the videos from to my PC.

      My laptop is unable to connect to the Internet.


  2. Hi Jay,

    OK, I will try to arrange Nokia N95 for testing. Once I have managed to access phone on WIn 10 PC, I will reply you with fix.

    TechieTalks Team

  3. Can you plz get an Acer phone for testing too? Does not work for me.

  4. Hi friend,
    Does this work for iPhone 4x, my safari doesn't work on any streaming video sites. I keep getting messages saying this content has been blocked on this network and to contact my system administrator. So, can you help. I would like to see my streaming video sites once more?




  5. Hi Yogesh,

    The above article was mainly for HTC phone driver not being recognized on Win 10 System.

    Please provide further info to understand your setup. Are you connecting your iPhone 4x to work PC/laptop? If yes, do you know whether your IT team have blocked USB access on work PCs?

    Once you provide these info, we will try to replicate issue and provide solutions.

    TechieTalks team

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