Friday, 30 October 2015

User account locks out frequently

One of my colleagues recently changed his password. Since then, his domain account keeps locking out frequently even though he enters correct password. He asked me to investigate why does this happen?

There are multiple reasons, why domain account locks out frequently. First of all, I suggest you to find out when user’s account got locked and on what Domain Controller (DC). If user logs on to more than 1 PC, it may be possible that one of the PC is still using expired password. You can use Lockout status tool offered by Microsoft. It’s free tool, CLICK HERE to download it. Using this tool, you can find out that account is locked on any particular DC. Once you’ve identified correct DC, check the event log of that DC to locate the PC name.

If user doesn’t log on to any other PC, log in to his/her PC locally or remotely. Try to locate any services or schedule task running using user’s credential. You will have to restart services or schedule task using their current login details. Also, it is worth trying to remap networks drives. It may be possible that user has mapped a drive to a resource from another PC and on that PC; he/she has modified their password.

Please check with user if he/she using any mobile devices or tablets with an embedded password which could be trying to authenticate using wrong password. 

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Monday, 26 October 2015

Fixed: HTC One M8 USB driver doesn’t recognized by Windows 10

Hi friends, recently I upgraded my Windows 7 OS to Windows 10 on my laptop. Everything was working fine until I plugged my HTC One M8 (Android) phone to laptop using USB cable. A message box appeared stating that it could not detect the USB device. I never had any problem when I was using Windows 7. I used to plug my phone to PC using USB cable and access phone storage as USB drive.

I typed my query in google and most of the articles suggested that I should installed HTC Sync Manager and then connect my phone. Well, I installed the required application but it did not resolve the issue. Hence, I removed it.

This is my 3rd HTC phone and I started to find out how I can enable USB debugging mode on my phone. This option is hidden by default. To enable this option, follow these steps: 
  1. Go to Settings \ About
  2. Select Software Information
  3. Click on More option
  4. Now, tap on Build number option six times in a row. A message will be shown saying “You are now a developer!
  5. Go back to Settings. You will find Developer options just above About.
  6. Select Developer options.
  7. Tick the box for USB debugging mode option and return to main screen. 
Once you’ve made above change, plug your phone using USB cable. Windows 10 will recognizes USB drivers this time and you will be able to access phone storage as USB drive. In this method, you don’t need to install any additional applications.

If you are using a different make & model phone and would like to find out how to find out developers option, please leave a comment or contact us Contact Us page.

Thursday, 8 October 2015

iPhone / iPad cloning

This is my very first blog on Apple products: iPhone and iPad. One of my friends recently bought a new iPhone. Now, she has two iPhones. She asked me how she can apply same settings and apps to her new iPhone. Well, this is very easy to achieve if you have PC, iTunes software and your iPhone / iPad.

First of all, we will have to take a backup of our current iPhone or iPad. To do this follows these steps:
  • Launch iTunes application on your PC.
  • Connect your device using USB cable.
  • To save content that you have downloaded from iTunes store or App store, click on File \ Devices \ Transfer Purchases. Please wait till it finishes.
  • Go to iTunes preferences \ Devices to check if back up finished successfully. You will find a name of your device with date and time of backup created.
Once you have backed up your device successfully, you can restore it on same device or a new device. To restore backup on a device using iTunes, follow these steps:
  • Connect your device to the PC where you saved your backup.
  • Launch iTunes, if iTunes prompts regarding new iOS update, please get the latest version of iOS.
  • Now, go to File \ Devices Restore from back.
  • Look at the date and size of each backup (if you’ve multiple backup) and select the most recent backup.
  • Click on Restore and wait for the process to complete. Your device will restart and sync with PC. Please keep your device plugged in until sync process is finished.
If you are using same Apple ID on all devices, you can sync your devises so that you can download app on one devices and it will be installed on rest of your devices automatically. This includes free apps also. On your device, go to Settings and then iTunes and App Store. Enable Apps option in Automatic Downloads option. You can sync your photos, videos, music, books and updates also.

Hope this will help you to setup multiple iPhone(S) or iPad(s) easily. Do not forget to leave a comment, if you find this blog very informative.

Monday, 5 October 2015

Reverting back to Android Kitkat OS from Android Lollipop OS

Today, I am publishing my very first blog on Android OS. I have been asked to provide a solution to revert Android OS from Lollipop version to Kitkat. I am using Lenovo A6000 smart phone to explain the process. Steps may vary for other make and model of your smart phone.

Let’s begin by going through check list before we actually start downgrade process.
  • Take a backup of your personal data like pictures, videos, etc…
  • Make sure that phone’s battery is charged enough. I suggest 50 % charged battery.
  • You will need to install TWRP Recovery. Team Win Recovery Project (TWRP) helps to flash customer ROMs or stock ROMs. It helps user to revert back to Android KitKat OS.
  • Download Official Stock ROM Lenovo A6000 – Kitkat
  • Free space on your SD card of the phone
After you have completed check list, let’s start the process:
  • First of all, copy stock ROM on your SD card
  • Boot your phone in to recovery mode
  • Make a full system wipe of cache, data, etc using Format button.
  • Go to main screen and select Install. In next screen, go one level up and choose SD card.
  • Select the Stock ROM zip file and perform Swipe Install
  • When you see a completion message, perform Reboot to System
I hope this information will be very useful to you to downgrade Android OS on your phone. If you need any further information or wants to know from where you can get a copy of TWRP or Stock ROMs, please drop us a comment with your email address.