Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Excel file opens up with blank screen in Excel

I have been asked to help a user with her Excel issue. At first, I thought I may have to write some Excel formula. But I was wrong. When I called her, she explained to me that she was unable to open certain Excel spread sheets. She said that whenever she opens these files, Excel opens with blank window.

I thought let me check it myself. Hence, I logged in to her PC remotely and tried to access same files. Yes, Excel window comes up but it does not show any data. User claimed that she had accessed file couple of hours back. Other users can open same files on their PCs without any issues.

I asked her to press CTRL + F10 key together while the file is open in Excel. Issue is resolved. It is a shortcut key to maximize or restore the selected workbook window. Now, she is able to view all files. I would suggest trying some other steps also, they are mentioned below:

  • Check if Excel has been setup as Run as Administrator.
  • Check the box “Run as administrator” on Excel shortcut.
  • Load Excel file. Go to View, select Full Screen. If you can see the file properly, close and restart it same way.

I hope you will find this article very useful.


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    1. Hi Chris,

      If it is your work machine, please contact your IT team.

      TechieTalks Team

    2. I am the IT guy here. I thought this was a site that could help me. Is this question to hard?

  2. Hi, I stumbled upon your blog as it references Microsoft Excel.

    I'm 58 years old and i've just purchased Microsoft Office for my first computer and am eager to learn how to make spreadsheets to help manage my taxes.

    My problem is, Every time i open excel it's a blank spreadsheet. How can i make it so i don't have to make a new spreadsheet every time?.