Thursday, 13 August 2015

How to retrieve data from faulty Laptop/PC

One of my friends called me today and asked for an advice on how to retrieve data from his faulty laptop. Few months' back, his laptop had physical damage but it was running OK. As he just uses laptop to surf Internet, access his emails and watch videos, he never bothered to get his laptop repaired or checked at that time.

Now, his laptop doesn't boot up. He had saved his photos & videos of his holidays and some other personal data which he would like to have them back before he dispose it. 

I explained him that if his HDD is not failed, he will be able to retrieve his data. He will need a HDD docking station and another PC/Laptop (You can buy it either online or from nearest IT shop). I have advised him to follow these steps:

  • Remove HDD from his faulty laptop.
  • Connect the docking station into another laptop/PC.
  • Insert his Hard Drive in to HDD Docking station.
  • Switch on the Docking station.
  • His Hard Drive will be detected as external drive on running laptop/PC. You can access it in  Windows Explorer. 
  • From here, you can copy data to currently running PC or to another external HDD.
Thanks for taking time to read this article.I hope you find this useful.

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