Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Having difficulty to redirect your blog to sub-domain URL?

Hi all, today I want to share my experience of setting up redirect my blogs to custom sub-domain URL. Well, you might think that’s very easy, search for help on website on which you have your blog and you will get your answer.

I partially agree with the above statement. Here is my story. I started to write blog on and have URL for my blogs. I also own domain. I am also working on designing a website that helps IT support professionals all latest news and security updates for various platforms like Microsoft, VMWare, Linux, Apple, Android and third party applications.

After I logged in, I followed the below steps to setup redirect to my custom sub-domain URL.
  • I clicked on Basic option under Settings in left-side column.
  • In the Publishing section, I clicked on link to add custom domain.
  • An option appeared to write sub-domain like. I clicked on Save button.
  • An error message (Error 12) prompted and two CNAME records were shown on the screen. I was advised to enter these CNAME records in to control panel in my Domain Registrar’s DNS settings. There was nice handy link to follow steps on how to add these CNAME records in to control panel of my domain’s DNS settings on domain registrar’s website.

I followed those steps, but my redirect wasn't working. After spending reasonable amount of time on Internet to find some help, I was going nowhere. Every page, I had seen, suggested to follow same steps. They were assumed that domain registrar and hosting provider is same. If this was the case, steps mentioned in help articles on would have worked. But in my case, domain registrar and hosting provider are different. I am sure there will be other people who would have been in same position as me.

So, my domain registrar has been updated with DNS server info provided by my Hosting provider. Hence, Anyone trying to resolve my domain name, the request has been forwarded to my hosting provider. Then, I decided to create the CNAME records (mentioned by in control panel of my hosting provider’s.

As soon as I have created required CNAME records in hosting provider’s control panel, was able to verify my sub-domain URL and redirected my request. Within few minutes, I was able to access my blogs from my customer domain i.e.

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