Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Free alternative of Microsoft Office program

There is no doubt that Microsoft Office is most popular among home and business users to create, modify or edit documents, spread sheets and presentations. I was wondering that if there are any other similar products available which are free. Then I began my search and found some useful information which I thought to share with all.

  • Google Docs – Google Docs is been front runner of open office suite for various reason. The reason I like it most is it’s free and can be access virtually from anywhere. Google provides Word process, spread sheets, presentations tools other basic stiff via cloud-based Google drive. User will need a Google account to log in to Google Drive.
  • OpenOffice – OpenOffice is available free and suitable for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux platforms. OpenOffice software package comes with tools for creating word documents, spread sheets, databases, presentations and a slew of other common file types.
  • FreeOffice – As the name suggest, FreeOffice is available free for Windows and Linux OS. To get a serial key from company, user will need to provide his/her email address only.
  • LibreOffice 4 – libreOffice 4 is compatible to run on Windows Mac OS X and Linux platforms and is available free.
  • WPS Office – WPS Office is available free and suitable to run on Windows, iOS and Android OS.

I suggest checking the features of each of the above in details and deciding which option suits your needs better. If you like this article, please feel free to leave your comments here or send your suggestions / feedback to us via Contact US link.

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